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BIG-nano’s ambitious marriage of propulsion engineering and material science was envisioned through a collaboration of talented experts from the respective fields. Our team work closely with you to understand your goals and to deliver maximum value.

John Rawlins

Thermodynamics-Fluids Expert

John has over 15 years of mechanical engineering and research experience. It is his many years of operation and maintenance experience, however, working on diesel engines and hydroelectric power plants, which influences his problem-solving approach the most. His creative passion for mechanical design was recognized and earned him the Mechanical Engineering Design Award from Concordia University 2009. It is this passion that John now turns to the marriage of propulsion engineering and material sciences to push the boundaries in the nonwoven industry.

Jin Kang

Advanced Materials Expert

Jin has over 15 years experience in material science and research. Jin is an expert in the field of material science, earning his Ph.D. through state-of-the-art research in supercapacitors at the University of Waterloo. His expertise has been honed over more than 10 years of experience at Samsung Electronics, where he developed patented fabrication processes, and micro devices having electronic display applications. It is this wealth of experience and knowledge that Jin has injected into the marriage of material science and propulsion engineering.

Lukas Winter

Design Lead

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