Our Technology

Our proprietary meltblowing manufacturing process allows us to operate at higher production speeds, using larger nozzles.  As a result, we can manufacture meltblown nanofiber fabrics at economic prices with high throughput.

Nanofiber vs. Microfiber magnified to the same level


Nanofiber Filter Media

Compared to conventional microfiber filter media, nanofiber filter media has:

  • higher filtration efficiencies
  • longer filter life
  • lower pressure drop leading to easier breathability


See the publications below for additional details on our technique:

  1. Fine liquid blowing: A high Reynolds number, high production rate nanofiber manufacturing technique (https://doi.org/10.1002/app.47384)
  2. Tech Briefs Magazine 2018 November Issue: Our technology was named to the list of winners in the NASA Tech Brief “Design your Future 2018 Contest”. https://contest.techbriefs.com/2018/winners, High Reynolds Number Nanofiber Production Technique. This is as judged by an esteemed panel of industrial experts: https://contest.techbriefs.com/2018/judges.