Who We Are

Welcome to BIG-nano corp. We are a Canadian nanofiber filter manufacturing company that focuses on solving problems with ingenuity and nano technology. On a regular basis, we produce high quality filters for mask manufacturers as well as other manufacturers.

At BIG-nano, we offer custom developing and manufacturing services to provide you with the perfect nonwoven meltblown nanofiber specifically for your company needs.

Our team of experts at BIG-nano have pioneered meltblown nonwoven technologies that are innovative and authentic which has lead us to become the first company to produce nanofibers on an industrial and commercial scale.

If you require non-woven meltblown nanofiber material, our team is ready to take your custom order on a mass scale to meet your industry needs.


Our Team

At BIG-nano corp, we are a team of distinguished innovators in the automotive, construction, clothing, healthcare, geotextile, and other special applications field.

We, especially, hold a reputable position in the high-performance nonwoven markets pertaining to melt-blown, filter, and geotextile non-woven products.

Not only are we committed to becoming #1 in the high-performance nonwoven market, but we are also dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility by mentoring and supporting local entrepreneurs entering the field.

As a Canadian manufacturing company, we take pride in our diverse ownership. Our team consist of professionals with several years of experience in research and development, management, and engineering. BIG-nano’s innovative and solution driven team specializes in operating various equipment for manufacturing, mask filtration lab test and mask differential pressure tests.