Who We Are

Welcome to BIG-nano Corp. We are a Canadian nanofiber filter manufacturing company that focuses on solving problems with ingenuity and nano technology. On a regular basis, we produce high quality filters for mask manufacturers as well as other manufacturers.

At BIG-nano, we offer custom developing and manufacturing services to provide you with the perfect nonwoven meltblown nanofiber specifically for your company needs.

Our team of experts at BIG-nano have pioneered meltblown nonwoven technologies that are innovative and authentic which has lead us to become the first company to produce nanofibers on an industrial and commercial scale.

If you require non-woven meltblown nanofiber material, our team is ready to take your custom order on a mass scale to meet your industry needs.

Our Capabilities

Here at BIG-nano, we understand that modern problems require modern solutions, and we possess the expertise, ingenuity, equipment, and team to rise to the challenge.

In-house testing capabilities

  • Latex Particulate Filtration Efficiency

  • NaCI Particulate Filtration Efficiency

  • Pressure Drop per NIOSH

  • Pressure Drop per ASTM

  • Air Permeability

  • Fiber Morphology (SEM)

PALAS Equipment

Main components of PFMT 1000 Test rig

01 Desktp PC & palas-desc-txtouch Screen
02 Emergency-Off Button
03 Operating elements for filter holder
04 Aerosol spectrometer Promo 1000
05 Aerosol Sensor welas 1200
06 Dilution system VKL 100
07 Main switch
08 Filter channel with pneumatically operated filter holder
09 Retention time tube
10 Aerosol generator PLG 1000 (2 generators)

Commercial Lines